Rolls-Royce Wraith arrives to please the prestigious youth

July 7, 2014

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is the vehicle that the Rolls-Royce Motor Car company is targeting to satisfy the request of the younger prestigious drivers.  These are between the ages of the early 30s and late 40s.  Read more about the differences between the Wraith and the Ghost or the Phantom Rolls-Royce cars.




The BEST in LUXURY just arrived – Rolls Royce meets European furniture

January 18, 2014

Enjoy photos of the newly arrived Rolls Royce cars and our brand new lobby design.  You can also watch the Rolls Royce video below and fall in love with the car like we did!

ROLLS ROYCE VIDEO – WARNING: You might fall in Love

Reintroducing a Top Ranked MINI Team in the country

September 18, 2013

This is very true!  This energetic team is actually a Top Ranked MINI Team in the entire country.  This is not just due to sales, but positive customer feedback and just more fun things to do at this MINI showroom location compared to others.  Please meet the stars:

Is BMW of Sterling one of the best places to work?

August 20, 2013

Wouldn’t you love to work here after you saw this photo slideshow?  Take a look at what BMW of Sterling in Virginia does for its employees…..


This Man’s job is to make NOISES for the world’s most fun car to drive

July 24, 2013

Meet Jacopo Marchetti, 35, a MINI noise, vibration and harshness engineer in Munich.  WARNING: You might hate your job after reading this.


“I am responsible for all the sounds the car gives back to the driver and making sure it is in harmony”

From the sound of the closing door, the windows sliding down, the clicking of the seatbelt, seatbelt alert signals, the cooling fan when the car shuts off and even the clicking when you choose a right or left signal to turn.

A little about him:

He studied Acoustics in Munich and always loved technology.  So he simply combined them for a perfect career.


In his words, Acoustics give the car’s first impression.  His goal is to make the sounds of the MINI sporty, even a bit aggressive for the most part.  His team creates all the noises that your MINI makes.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT SOUNDS = noise of the car door.  Try opening and closing many car doors, then open and close a MINI door.  You will immediately notice the difference.  It is one of the most marketable sounds customers hear from the showroom to when they first meet a MINI with a friend or a parking lot.

He makes the sound satisfyingly deep, not tinny, to give that impression of quality.


Do you believe that with such passion to perfect all these sounds, Jacopo doesn’t like to play music when outside work?  “I like to give my ears a rest”

What is your favorite sound your MINI or other car makes?

[PHOTOS] HOW THE BMW Z3 Roadster saved my life

July 24, 2013

“It was Friday May 23, 2008 and it’s a day I will never forget.  It was a normal day.  I was driving home from work, then the next thing I knew, my world changed. I was rear ended by someone going 70+ miles per hour, which threw me into a van in front of me, then spun my car around.  I finally landed in another lane going in the opposite direction.


I couldn’t understand why those who rushed to my aid were shaking, and then I heard someone make a statement, “Is she alive?”

I looked at myself and my surroundings in the car, and everything appeared to be fine.  When the firemen came to get me out of the car and into an ambulance, everyone appeared and to get me to the hospital.  Once I reached the hospital, they immediately took me in for a CAT scan and checked me over.  I am still, at that point, talking and giving them all the information they need, and actually just wanting to go home, as I personally felt nothing major was wrong with me. (Keep in mind, after the accident, everything happened so fast, I didn’t actually see my car except the inside which looked OK. So I didn’t understand the big hoopla being made over me.)  Sure enough, I was right: nothing was wrong with me, and I was able to go home.  It wasn’t until I saw my car at the tow yard and the pictures that my insurance company took, that I realized WOW – no wonder all those people who were at the scene were so shaken up.


My parents still have a daughter, my daughters still have a mom, and my grandson still has a Nana.  I am here today because of you, BMW!  I walked away from that accident because of your dedication and expertise in building not only the ultimate driving machine, but cars built to protect.


20130710_181438There is no doubt in my mind that, had I been in another make of vehicle, I would not have, in essence, walked away.  People spend money on buying life insurance policies to provide for others when they pass away; I view buying a car as a life insurance policy for the living.”     ~Karen Bell, Valencia CA

Now here is what you NEED TO KNOW about the new BMW Z4:

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The Driver sits just ahead of the rear axle, the car’s body is less than five inches above the road, but with shock absorbers so stable and gentle that you only bounce within one inch therefore leaving four inches of total space at all times….without feeling the roughness of the drive in your butt.

With almost the same amount of energy as just 2 light bulbs in your home, the BMW Z4 lights up its interior and exterior to create a discreet, yet elegant vivid appeal to its detailing of the interior and exterior design.


On a lighter note, with the Personal Radio App, you have 1 million songs at your fingertips to enjoy your driving from day one until….

[Slideshow] 5 Mini Interior Design Secrets

June 27, 2012

There are multiple interior specifications that Mini is concentrating on to bring their Classic Mini look into the 21st century.

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These designs bring Mini a cheeky personality while still maintaining the iconic Mini appearance. To learn more check out this link