MINI is giving you $1000 for your selfie photos

March 15, 2014

Mini of Sterling is giving away $1000 cash prize for ONE LUCKY WINNER on May 5th that sends us a photo with their car.  The goal is to have drivers display their creative side with their cars and provide a reward to one of them.

Do you want to be a lucky winner of $1000?  Take your photo and send it via email to or visit and submit your photo right there with ease.




Virginia,DC MINI dealership releases video trailer to promote love of the city using the NEW John Cooper Works MINI

December 27, 2012

Originally written by Keadworks,

Watch the video below and stay connected to their Twitter and Facebook (@MINISterlingVA) to see how this MINI dealership in the greater Washington DC/Northern Virginia area, is promoting love for all 3 states.  They highlight the John Cooper Works car and give you a magnificent driver’s experience suitable for tourists and residents alike.

As taken from their website, here is a short description of the new John Cooper Works Gp 2013 limited edition:

Built for the track, the limited edition MINI John Cooper Works GP is an uncompromising performance machine that hits 60 MPH from a standstill in 5.9 seconds. With an exclusively engineered powertrain and chassis, extensive aerodynamic styling, adjustable coil-over suspension, massive 6-piston Brembo® brakes, custom embroidered Recaro sport seats and tires developed in a special partnership with Kumho, it takes our world-renowned handling to levels bordering on diabolical.

And with only 500 or so MINI John Cooper Works GPs coming to the U.S. (and just 2,000 being made in the world) you’ll have to move fast if you’re interested. GP fast.




Watch this Trailer Video–>

Read this Soldier’s Love Story untold

December 17, 2012

Soldier loveSgt. Eric Bragg flew in from Afghanistan back to a country that he walked away from his love numerous months prior.  He didn’t give an adequate “Goodbye” to her when leaving.  This time he wanted to do things right!

Arriving through Dulles International airport, straight from Afghanistan, he headed to Sterling Virginia to pay her a surprise visit.   He came in at sunset and after seeing her, started explaining why he left and how he’d never make such a mistake again.  She wasn’t willing to follow him home immediately, but with the dust of Afghanistan still on his boots and uniform, and extremely tired and exhausted from the trip, he didn’t back down.  He went to a nearby hotel to rest up and come right back to negotiate further.

While he was there, she thought about all he said, then got dressed up and decided to go to him at the hotel.  She knocked at his door, heart beating so hard because she just wanted him to take her away and never return.  He opened the door, still tired, but his eyes almost jolted out of their sockets as he ran through the door, hugged and kissed her and swore to never let go. At that moment, he decided to drive down to Canada and stay for a few months with his little dog and pick up his girlfriend from Delaware along the way.

His love was his MINI cooper.  He traded in his MiNI just before leaving for Afghanistan and she was on his mind even while he was there.  So he came straight back to the dealership after seeing a lot of our online activity.  He negotiated with our sales rep and bought a MINI that looked similar to his very last car.

See him below as we caught the moment he opened his hotel door and saw the MINI we delivered to the front door of the hotel.  Have a good vacation Sarge!

CLICK HERE or the photo below to see great deals on similar MINIs


A sneak peek of our brand new BMW center in Sterling VA

November 12, 2012

Many are anxious to see the brand new BMW center – with all its surprising perks and attractions for you, your family and of course…your car.  See the photos below to view the seating lounge as you await your car getting serviced.

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Our entire staff attempt to get into this MINI 2 door Roadster

October 13, 2012

You have to see it to believe it!!  Watch this video below

Click to see more photos of NOT-SO-NORMAL event

Click to see more photos of NOT-SO-NORMAL event

OK! not everyone got in, but it was worth the try!

See Top searched cars, keywords, terms and phrases related to BMW in the DC area – You won’t believe #2

October 10, 2012

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Look below at the top searches on relating to BMW in the Washington DC metro region.  How does audi get to be #2 regarding top searches related to BMW in the nation’s capital?  We will leave that to your imagination.  For now enjoy a slideshow of the cars in the top search keywords, terms and phrases

BMW 2012 Searches by BMW and MINI of Sterling Virginia VA

See one of our Happy customers in one of the most searched BMW cars in DC

Marie and Gary in their new 2012 335i

Call this number (571) 434-1944 and ask us anything you want and need to know about a BMW and we will help you!

Enjoy the 2nd half of the week…and this slideshow below of other top searched vehicles!

Is he too young to drive a NEW MINI

August 20, 2012

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Meet the Haefele’s who ordered an Ice Blue Hardtop with grey leather interior. The color combo is great and their son, Noah loves it. We had a brief photo shoot of Noah in his “New Toy”. He is ten and cannot reach the pedals but he says by next summer he’ll be able to drive the manual.  Is he too young to drive a new MINI or you won’t notice if you saw him on the road?

Click on each photo below to ENLARGE  #SizeDoesntMatter