See the MINI Premium Outlet #CarSelfie WINNER of $1000 [View Cool Car Photos]

May 14, 2014

The Final winner of the MINI PREMIUM OUTLET (also known as MINI of Sterling VA) has been chosen.  He was voted by his social media friends and fans as he competed against 9 other Creative CarSelfie photos of drivers.  Almost 2 thousand people competed and submitted photos to the MINI PREMIUM OUTLET campaign website and a final 10 photos were selected by the MINI team.

These final 10 photos had to get their friends and fans on social media to vote for them on the MINI of Sterling VA fanpage.

After almost 2,000 votes in 7 days, Gregory Trnka was the winner with this photo:

MINI Antena




BMW and MINI – Rediscover the Passion behind the Wheel – Pt 2 – BMW bounces back

March 29, 2012

How did BMW stay afloat financially after WW1?   What did the 1st BMW logo look like?   What was the very 1st BMW car?  Enjoy this week’s episode…read on!

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The restrictions placed on German companies at the end of World War One proved pivotal in BMW seeking other avenues to stay afloat financially. Motorcycle engines and subsequently motorcycles were added to its product stable in the early 1920s.

Early motorcycles - R32

Thanks to the ingenuity of director Franz Josef Popp, BMW maintained its expertise in aircraft engines too, resulting in the first intercontinental flight to Persia (now Iran) taking place in 1924; powered by BMW engines, naturally.

Introduction of the BMW LOGO

Original BMW logo

The 1920s also saw the creation of their now familiar logo originally thought to be based on the design of an aircraft propeller. It’s more likely to have derived from the early logo of Karl Rapp’s Motorenworker company from which BMW evolved. Its blue and white colors represent the Bavarian flag.

1st BMW cars – The Dixi, 328 Roadster

The BMW Dixie

At last, 1928 saw the launch of the first BMW car – the Dixie. Licensed in Birmingham, England it was based on the Austin 7. It will come as no surprise to BMW aficionados that by 1930 they were chalking up their first wins in motor racing. Their expertise and innate ability to outshine their competitors was evident from the outset.

Motivated by their desire to be the best, the precision and passion of BMW saw the production of the 328 Roadster in 1936; their most successful pre-1940s car. Nominated as the car of the century, for many it is still considered one of the best cars BMW has ever created, which as we know is going some!

BMW 328 Roadster

The Roadster debuted at the Nurburgring race track in 1936, proving unbeatable. In 1940 it triumphed in the famous and grueling Mille Miglia race. BMW’s future in motor car racing and its foray into the world of car manufacturer was only just beginning.

Of course, their excellence wasn’t limited to cars. In 1939 BMW became the first foreign manufacturer to win the Isle of Man TT race, with rider Georg Meier achieving speeds of almost 90 mph.  Their motorcycle brand today is known as the BMW Motorrad.

BMW’s star power was well and truly on the rise.

The history of BMW is a litany of one success after another culminating in the outstanding feats of engineering and producing the ultimate driving machine. Don’t keep this blog to yourself.  Please share your new found knowledge with other BMW and non-BMW lovers.

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BMW and MINI – Rediscover the Passion behind the Wheel

March 21, 2012
Original BMW logo

Original BMW logo

Many of us drive cars, ride motorcycles, wear clothes or watches every day.  Many of us have no idea of the enriching history, detailed design or values behind the company origin of these brands.   In this 12 part series, we take you on a journey through the birth of BMW and MINI and their attention to detail from the very beginning to stand among the world’s greatest brands.

Do you know what BMW means?  BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or Bavarian Motor Works.  Successfully established as a world leader in the manufacturer of cars, motorcycles and engines (Yes they make engines of all sorts…instead of just cars and motorcycles). Its very name is synonymous with class, quality and elegance. Who doesn’t dream of owning and driving one of the sleek motor vehicles, the epitome of engineering elegance and driving style?

This is how it all began….

Karl Friedrich Rapp

Karl Friedrich Rapp

Let’s go back to October 1913, where the embryonic beginnings of BMW are seen in the appearance of Karl Friedrich Rapp. Originally a Daimler engineer, Rapp established his company ‘Rapp-Motorenwerke’ on the site of an old bicycle factory near Munich. Unfortunately, Rapp’s attempts to manufacture aircraft engines were plagued with technical problems.

Close to Rapp’s factory, Gustav Otto, son of an inventor, was quietly establishing his own successful aircraft building business ‘Gustav Flugmaschinefabrik’

When Rapp’s company secured a major contract for aircraft engines from Austro-Hungary, they outsourced manufacturing to Otto, eventually absorbing the company to form the ‘Bayerische Flugzeug Werke’ or BFW (Bavarian Aircraft Works).

Meanwhile, Austrian engineer Franz Josef Popp, a director of Rapp’s business, was instrumental in securing vital military contracts which led to the official formation of Bayerische Moteren Werke GmbH – BMW – on 7 March 1916.  BMW officially recognizes this date as the birth of the company today.

Realizing the business was severely undercapitalized Popp brought in Vienna financier, Camillo Castiglioni for support, ultimately forcing Rapp out.

BMW’s 1st Aircraft engine

In 1917, BMW produced its first aircraft engine, Type IIIa designed by Max Friz, their renowned Chief Engineer. This engine’s success led the company to become BMW AG (a public company) in 1918. 1918 itself would prove to be a pivotal year as economic disaster loomed for the German nation. At the end of World War I, the Versailles Armistice Treaty prohibited all German businesses from building aircraft engines.

BMW was forced to seek alternatives to survive……..(to be continued next week)

Look out for part 2 of 6, next week to this “BMW and MINI – Rediscover the Passion behind the Wheel” 6 part series.

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BMW of Sterling’s President Thomas Moorehead Receives National Honor

December 5, 2011
BMW of Sterling President Thomas A Moorehead

BMW of Sterling President Thomas A Moorehead

Thomas A. Moorehead, Owner/Operator of BMW of Sterling and MINI of Sterling, has been named the 2012 African-American Dealer of the Year by the Emerging Diversity Education Fund. The honor will be presented at the 16th Annual Urban Wheel Awards in Detroit on January 8, 2012. The Urban Wheel Awards is the Official Multicultural Event of the North American International Auto Show. The Urban Wheel Awards promotes awareness of the contribution of the multicultural community to the automobile industry.

Under Mr. Moorehead’s guidance, BMW of Sterling and MINI of Sterling has become one of BMW of USA’s top performing franchises in unit sales and customer satisfaction nationwide. He is a graduate of Grambling State University with a B.S. degree in Business Administration and earned a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan.

Mr. Moorehead is a gubernatorial appointee to Virginia’s Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, the independent agency overseeing all automobile dealerships in the Commonwealth. He is also a longtime member of VADA.


Virginia Automobile Dealers Association – View Article

BMW Lifestyle Collection – With Gifts Under $25

November 28, 2011

2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan Photo Gallery

October 17, 2011

BMW Launches the 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan: Dynamic Capability, Efficiency and Comfort are given perfect stage.

The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series Sedan, the world’s best-selling premium car, sets new benchmarks in terms of sporting prowess, elegance and comfort. The pioneering history of the 3 Series serves as inspiration for the new sports sedan, whose powerful styling represents a fresh interpretation and conscientious development of traditional BMW design cues.

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The BMW Performance Power Kits Provide More Exhilarating Performance

October 3, 2011
The BMW Performance Power Kits Provide More Exhilarating Performance and Excitement for The Ultimate Driving Machine®.

The BMW Performance Power Kits Provide More Exhilarating Performance and Excitement for The Ultimate Driving Machine®.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – September 19, 6:00 PM EDT….Now, more invigorating horsepower and torque, is available with two new power kits bring crisp stimulating performance to The Ultimate Driving Machine®. BMW’s 135i and 335i Models can now be retrofitted at BMW centers or via the Port Installation Program to an unprecedented level of performance. These new Power Kits ensure that new car buyers and current owners are in for that extra thrill beyond the outstanding performance that can already be realized with these exciting vehicles.

  • Version 1 Power Kit: Performance-Optimized Engine Software. This version of the Power Kit was first introduced on the 335i BMW Performance Edition model (announced in July, 2011). Available for all Model Year 135i and 335i vehicles. Also available for X6 vehicles produced up to 04/2010.
  • Version 2 Power Kit: Same engine performance software as Version 1, plus an Auxiliary Water Cooler and an Enhanced Radiator Fan to reduce the higher thermal stresses on the engine during extreme driving. Available for all Model Year 135i and 335i vehicles.

News Feed – BMW North America.