WARNING: Freezing Season has begun…Double Check your Radiators

November 13, 2014

BMW-open-hoodWater freezes at 32’F.  The weather is below this at nighttime and early in the mornings, in most parts of our region.  Many people have water or watered-down coolants in their radiators and do not know it.

Please take your car to get your radiators double checked with cold/freezing resistant coolant fluid.  If the water or diluted coolant freezes, the damage could be much more expensive.

Double Check everyone…and drive safely!!


[VIDEO for BMW lovers] The best 4 and half minutes you spend this week

July 3, 2013
See why this happened to the dog

See why this happened to the dog

This video is strictly for BMW lovers, owners or dreamers.  2 gorgeous movie stars + 1 beautiful and powerful car landed this video on the top 10 auto ads of the past 25 years.  See why!  BE PATIENT for 4 and half minutes.  It might be the best rewarding video afterwards.

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